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Did you know 1 in 4 newly diagnosed HIV cases are women?

#IamRed aims to make facts like these common knowledge. The stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS has prevented education and positive conversation about the topic for over thirty years now.

Beginning this year, #IamRed is going to end the silence. By encouraging women who are open about their HIV+ status to share their story both online and in person, we can create a more accepting future and put an end to the stigma.

When a woman declares #IamRed she can inspire a number of actions. Not only will her honesty encourage others to be open about their status, but it can motivate people to get tested for HIV
and become educated on how to prevent themselves from becoming HIV+.

Speaking about HIV openly is the first step to ending this public health issue. It is important to discuss how we can prevent, treat, and eventually cure HIV so that we may one day eradicate the virus.

Join the movement today by supporting your local #IamRed campaign, sponsoring a Stitch and Enrich session, or even declaring your #IamRed status online and in person.

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