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#IamRed Project

#IamRed aims to de-stigmatize HIV by creating a social network of women who are open about their positive status.

For many years the misconceptions about people living with HIV/AIDS have hindered the public’s ability to understand the medical advancements made towards preventing and eventually curing this public health issue. #IamRed fosters a positive community conversation that can diminish these misconceptions by educating people about the reality of living with HIV 40 years into the epidemic. 

#IamRed encourages women to be open about their status by sharing their story on social media and in person. This World AIDS Day encourage the women in your life who are living with HIV to wear a red scarf to their local world AIDS day event and create a #SeaofRed.

Do you want to support women living with HIV? Donate today and sponsor a scarf to be created during one of our Stitch and Enrich knitting sessions. Just $35 will allow another HIV+ woman
the chance to join our #SeaofRed as she declares #IamRed.

Looking to do more for your HIV community? Volunteer to be an instructor at your local Stitch and Enrich session or even start your city’s own #IamRed campaign.

Register for the 2024 Grace Project National Conference for Women Living with HIV

#IamRed fosters a community conversation about HIV with the intent of educating the public
about the reality of being HIV+ in today’s world.

The #IamRed Project is an extension of the Legacy Grace Project which you can learn more about at

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